Liz Moreno, daughter of WWII Veteran John Dettling

liz moreno john dettling
What did WWII Veteran John Dettling witness when the Americans freed Buchenwald and other Concentration Camps? How did John Dettling and two other colleagues capture over 30 Germans?

WWII Veteran, Jody Lander, was involved in three of the major battles in the European theater during WWII: D-Day, Operation Market Garden and Battle of the Bulge. Sunday WWII Veteran Jody Lander shares personal stories of his experiences in WWII. What filled the days and evenings of the 508th, 82nd Airborne while training at Nottingham England? What happened to his best friend Marney Tilleary? How did the British soldiers feel about the American paratroopers?

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