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Interviews and conversations with U.S. veterans from all branches and years of service.


Keith McKim

Keith McKim shares the stories of Medal of Honor Recipients Jon Cavaiani and Loren D. Hagen.

WWII Veteran Andy Negra

Ninety-nine year-old WWII Veteran Andy Negra shares his stories of the Conquest of Brest, the Battle of the Bulge, and freeing prisoners from the German Buchenwald concentration camp.

Lt. Col. James H. Harvey III

Tuskegee Airman Ret. Lt. Col. James H. Harvey III explains how he and his team won the very first military Top Gun competition.

Perils and Pearls (Rebroadcast)

Hulda Bachman-Need reads from her memoir, Perils and Pearls, and shares her memories of being imprisoned in a Japanese concentration camp during World War II.

Korean War Veteran John Ryff

John Ryff shares his story about one of the three most famous Marine battles, the Chosin Reservoir.

WWII Veteran Loren Anderson

WWII Battle of the Bulge Veteran Loren Anderson discusses the Battle of the Bulge and his service during WWII.

WWII Army Veteran Rocco Telese

Drafted on July 6, 1943, Rocco Telese reflects on his WWII experiences, including a 45-day hospital stay due to a small-pox vaccine.

Eric Hohman

Air Force Combat Controller Veteran Eric Hohman shares that he joined the Air Force because of choices he made early in his college career.

Mike Medina

United States Marine Corps Veteran Mike Medina has an amazing story. Mike joined the Marines at the age of seventeen and served five deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan.

WWII Veteran Arthur Frongello

97 year-old WWII Navy Veteran Arthur Frongello shares his story as a crewmember on a PT boat patrolling the Mediterranean.

WWII Veteran Jack Myers

Jack Myers discusses liberating Holland from Hitler and his Nazi’s tyrannical clutches, the very cold Battle of the Bulge, and liberating the Dachau concentration camp.

Korean War Veteran Herb Potter

Korean War Veteran Herb Potter shares stories of growing up in during WWII and his time in the Air Force.

Vietnam POW Ted Gostas

Vietnam veteran Ted Gostas had five days left in his tour of duty. He was captured at the start of the Tet Offensive. Five days turned into more than five years as a prisoner of war in a North Vietnamese POW camp.

WWII Navy Veteran Kim Kimball

WWII and Korean War Veteran Kim Kimball shares stories of his military service during WWII and the Korean War.