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Jimmy Doolittle and His Raiders (re-broadcast)

April 18, 1942, Jimmy Doolittle and his raiders flew medium size bombers off aircraft carriers in the Pacific, to bomb Japan in retaliation for the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

Re-Broadcast of 3.1.2020 interview with Jim Blane

Jim Blane fought in four of the Pacific Theater battles during WWII. On the next America’s Veteran’s Stories with Kim Monson we are re-broadcasting an interview that we recorded with Jim in 2020.

[Rebroadcast] WWII Veteran Andy Negra

Ninety-nine year-old WWII Veteran Andy Negra shares his stories of the Conquest of Brest, the Battle of the Bulge, and freeing prisoners from the German Buchenwald concentration camp.

[Rebroadcast] WWII Veteran Frank DeVita

WWII Veteran Frank DaVita joined the Coast Guard to serve our country. He ended up as a ramp operator on a Higgins Boat landing craft on the first wave of soldiers landing at Omaha Beach in Normandy on D-Day.

Fred Wiese (Rebroadcast of 7.10.2022 show)

99-year-old Fred Wiese grew up during the Depression. We are re-broadcasting an interview with Fred. He shares stories of his childhood and joining the Army in December of 1941.