Re-Broadcast of 3.1.2020 interview with Jim Blane

Jim Blane fought in four of the Pacific Theater battles during WWII. On the next America’s Veteran’s Stories with Kim Monson we are re-broadcasting an interview that we recorded with Jim in 2020.

Floyd Rolf, WWII C-47 Pilot

WWII Veteran Floyd Rolf enlisted in the Army Air Corps in December of 1942. He initially trained to fly P-38s but ultimately flew C-47 troop carriers.

Perils and Pearls

Hulda Bachman-Need reads from her memoir, Perils and Pearls, and shares her memories of being imprisoned in a Japanese concentration camp during World War II.

WWII P-51 Fighter Pilot Dick Gibbs

WWII P-51 fighter pilot Dick Gibbs flew 43 combat missions during WWII. Gibbs shares the stories of shooting down four German aircraft.

Operation Downfall

August 1945, President Truman made the decision to drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan.