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Vietnam: Ted Gostas

April 1967 Ted Gostas had just five more days before his tour of duty in Vietnam was up. Gostas was captured and spent 5 years, 1 month, and 15 days as a Prisoner of War.

Vietnam: Trisha Hood (Widowed Spouse Interview)

Donald Hood volunteered for the 82nd Airborne so that he could parachute in with front-line soldiers to repair their damaged glasses quickly. Sunday Trisha Hood shares the story of her husband who passed on in 2012.

Combat Contrails: Vietnam

Author William B. Scott discusses his book, "Combat Contrails: Vietnam."

Vietnam era Air Force Veteran and author William B. Scott introduces his new book, “Combat Contrails: Vietnam,” which captures 18 of these stories, most of which have never appeared in print.

Vietnam: Army Veteran Jimmy Nishimura

He was born in Japan. He wanted to come to America because he knew that his life would be better. In 1970 Jimmy Nishimura was drafted into the United States Army.

Clifton Schroeder, Vietnam Veteran

Tigers. When young Marine Cliff Schroeder arrived in Vietnam in 1968, it never crossed his mind that tigers were something to be concerned about.