Lt. Col. Bob Russell Ret. USAF

Russell shares his Air Force experiences beginning with his first duty in aircraft maintenance, three years in Germany and information gathering in the Pacific region.

Ret. Marine Lt. Gen. Lewis Craparotta and Paula Sarlls

Ret. Marine Lt. Gen. Lewis Craparotta explains the importance of Memorial Day. Vietnam-era Marine Veteran Paula Sarlls invites us to the Memorial Day ceremony at the Marine Memorial located at 6th and Colfax in Golden, Colorado.

Manert Kennedy

He dropped out of school and joined the Marines on his 17th birthday. Manert Kennedy needed some discipline so he joined the Marines in 1947.

Ret. Air Force Lt. Col. Bill Rutledge: Part 2

93 year-old Ret. Air Force Lt. Col. Bill Rutledge has interacted with thousands of individuals throughout the world. Sunday Lt. Col. Rutledge shares a number of vignettes of these many stories

Bury Him: A Memoir of the Vietnam War

It was the unthinkable: to be commanded to leave a fallen soldier behind. Sunday Kim talks with Marine Captain Doug Chamberlain about his book, “Bury Him: A Memoir of the Vietnam War.”

Healing Our Wounded Veterans: Grady T. Birdsong and Colonel Bob Fischer

We must help heal our soldiers who are returning home from combat! Marines Col. Bob Fischer and Grady Birdsong share how “a miracle created by a diverse group of individuals is ‘fixing broken brains’…of veterans who suffer daily in silence and confusion, oftentimes alone.”