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United States Air Force Veteran Mark Hardcastle

United States Air Force veteran Mark Hardcastle recounts the life-changing experience of helping edit the book Echoes of Our War: Vietnam Veterans Reflect Fifty Years Later. The ten contributors to the book finally unleashed their stories without remorse.


Interviews and conversations with U.S. veterans from all branches and years of service.

Raising of the United States flag at Iwo Jima

Men and women who gave their all

They strapped on their boots and said goodbye to loved ones to serve our country and fight for liberty. 

From Iwo Jima to Iraq

From the Patriots who fought in the American Revolution, to Civil War soldiers who fought for liberty for each man, to WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Iraq, Afghanistan, other conflicts and peacetime, these are their stories.

US Army soldiers from the 11th Air Defense Artillery Brigade during the Gulf War
Master Gunnery Sergeant Brian Ivers and Corporal Jim Blane – Iwo Jima Marine

Each soldier’s story is unique and special

Tune in every Sunday to America’s Veteran’s Stories with Kim Monson to hear our veteran’s individual experiences. You’ll learn something. You’ll be inspired. And you’ll be grateful for this amazing country that we call America.


Manert Kennedy

He dropped out of school and joined the Marines on his 17th birthday. Manert Kennedy needed some discipline so he joined the Marines in 1947.

Ret. Air Force Lt. Col. Bill Rutledge: Part 2

93 year-old Ret. Air Force Lt. Col. Bill Rutledge has interacted with thousands of individuals throughout the world. Sunday Lt. Col. Rutledge shares a number of vignettes of these many stories

Ret. Air Force Lt. Col. Bill Rutledge

Ret. Air Force Lt. Col. Bill Rutledge was a teenager during WWII. Sunday Col. Rutledge describes what it was like to live on the coast of Florida during WWII with German submarines in the waters nearby.